Youcef Seddik Salem 

Date: 4/01/2022


Word Count: 1220

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What are the drawbacks and advantages of attending college?

It is because I am curious about how we can pay for our education, even though we spend the majority of our time doing homework and attending class, that I am curious about how middle-class people can afford it. I am expecting to find some kind of development and good news for young people like me who struggle so hard just to get a diploma and then work 9-5 like they aspire to do. A lot of bad press has been given to colleges in recent months, and this has been particularly true of private universities. The soaring cost of living in the subject that is gaining the most attention.

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Among the differentiating characteristics of colleges is the fact that they are authorized to and do legally analyze their customers’ most sensitive financial information prior to deciding how much to charge them. As a consequence of their efforts, the threshold for pricing discrimination in the private sector, notably in the aviation industry, has been raised to an unprecedented level. In light of mounting worries about rising prices, it becomes more difficult to justify the continuation and extension of these “peculiarities.”

As I said before, I disagree with them that tuition is growing at a faster rate than inflation or even people’s incomes, prompting calls from politicians and ordinary citizens to “do something” about it. This book, on the other hand, is dedicated to current American universities, with a particular emphasis on the increase in expenditures and the decrease in inefficiencies. There are a lot of reasons why people are spending more money on higher education, but one of the most important is that academics’ productivity is probably going down, and it’s going down a lot when compared to the rest of the economy, which is a big problem.

“Universities are making the headlines a lot these days, and much of the publicity is distinctly unfavorable. While some bad press relates to student drinking, campus riots, athletic scandals, and the many remedial courses being taught by colleges, the dominant topic is the rapid rise in costs. Tuition is increasing far faster than the rate of inflation or even people’s incomes, prompting calls from politicians and ordinary citizens to “do something” about it. This book is about the modern American university, and particularly the origins of and possible solutions to the problems of rising costs and declining efficiency that afflict the academy. ” (Page XV of the Introduction)

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It is incorrect to assert that this is only due to the rising cost of college tuition, given that our culture has shifted its views on when a couple should get married. Many young couples are postponing marriage as a result of the high cost of higher education. Of course, there’s the wedding to consider. Even if you make every effort to keep costs as low as possible, weddings are still expensive affairs. It’s practically impossible to prevent it from happening. The notion of supporting one another and perhaps taking on one another’s debt is distasteful or even untenable for many young couples. Most couples have chosen to wait until they have paid off their student debts and can begin saving for a wedding and a future together. As a result, the average age of marriage has increased considerably.

I absolutely agree with this issue since it is only about getting married, but there are several bad elements that have impacted the lives of students in this circumstance as well. Example: One of the students’ parents is disabled and his mother has a young child; this is one of the situations that require immediate attention because a 15-dollar per hour job will not be enough to pay for either his college or his family’s rent, let alone car insurance, electricity, or gas; my personality is stressed out by this situation and will continue to be stressed out by this situation.

“For some students, a high tuition cost doesn’t mean they’ve given up on a degree; it just means they might do it in an alternative way. Many students are unsure as to what field they’d like to go into in the first place, which can make paying big dollars sound irresponsible. ” (INCREASE IN TWO-YEAR COLLEGE ENROLLMENT)

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The case for making higher education more accessible is well-supported by a number of convincing reasons. A similar thing has been accomplished by the University of the People, which offers students an educational experience that is high-quality, 100% online, and completely free of charge. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, students in the United States graduate with an average debt of more than $31,000 after they complete their education. Due to financial obligations, large purchases such as a house or a car may be put on hold for an extended period of time. Having a college degree provides you with the opportunity to earn more money during the course of your career and life as a result. The following are some of the arguments cited in opposition to the reduction of college tuition rates. One concern is that if the demand for college grows, the quality of education may suffer as a consequence of the increased competition. Another potential is that more people may decide to avoid college, resulting in a decline in the total number of students enrolled.

As a result, I agree with the National Center for Education Statistics since everything is focused on how much college will cost in 2022. What would happen if universities were no longer required to pay tuition? However, there is little academic help, and all of the school departments are interfering with our ability to stay on track and maintain our concentration. They urge us to make a difference in the world through reading and studying, which will definitely need financial investment. What is it about the newest generation that makes everything look expensive? Assume that this has resulted in despair and stress and that seeking assistance, for example, from a therapist, has resulted in financial loss. I strongly advise you to forego education and instead establish your own company, which will quickly earn you a million dollars. Despite this, everyone has a goal that every single parent can be proud of achieving.

“Another concern is that if the demand for college was higher, then the quality would suffer. The argument here is that if the quality suffered, then more people may opt out of college, ultimately decreasing enrollment rather than increasing it over the long term. ””Quality”


An important distinction between schools and other educational institutions is that they are authorized to and do properly check their customers’ most sensitive financial information before assessing how much they should charge them. Inflation, and even people’s salaries, are surpassing tuition rises, prompting calls for “something” to be done about the issue from politicians and normal people alike. As a consequence of the expensive expense of higher education, many young couples are delaying their marriages until later. Many young couples find the idea of supporting one another and may be taking on one another’s debts to be undesirable or even impossible. If you assume that this is just due to the rising expense of college tuition, you would be correct.