Prof. Jessica Penner | D463 | Spring 2022

Daniel Vidal, Social Justice Brainstorm

The social justice issue I decided to use for the annotated bibliography will be on immigration.

Question 1: Why does the immigration process take so long?

Question 2: What is preventing the U.S. to allow more immigrants in the U.S?

After doing some research I found that in the 1920’s the US put the Emergency Quota Act and in 1924 they put the immigration act that set the quota to not let more than 2% of eastern nationalities in the U.S. Before that many people were able to come here from many different places as long as they had no diseases. But in today’s age its still really difficult for many different places to get citizenship. Many people who live in other places don’t make a lot of money and can’t sustain their lives so when they try and come here and get citizenship it’s difficult since they need to pay, take a test and and be fluent in english.

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  1. shafinsikder

    I understand your questions I think the person that would be reading the question without any context wouldn’t know it’s about US I think you could state that other than that everything else seems good.

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