ENG1121, Class Session 5/7/20

Hello, dear students!

We have two very important items today:

  1. Submit your Process Essay
  2. Begin work on your Final Reflection & Final Portfolio (which are standing in for the Final Exam)

Let’s start with #1

I would like you to submit your revised Process Essay by going to your old post that you created for the U3 Website on the Dashboard, adding a PDF of the essay to that site, and hitting the button “Update.”

Not sure how to do it? Look at this PowerPoint, titled “Process Essay Upload Instructions.”

If you have problems, let me know!

Now, on to #2

As I’ve mentioned before, we don’t have a Final Exam for this class, but we have a Final Portfolio. The Final Portfolio includes:

  • A Final Reflection
  • Revised U1 Writing Assignment (Discourse Community)
  • Revised U2 Writing Assignment (General & Focused Analyses of a Genre)
  • Revised U3 Writing Assignment (Website based on either U1 or U2)
  • Revised U3 Process Essay (Based on U3 Experience)
  • Selected Journals

I’m going to focus on the Final Reflection today, because that’s the piece of the Portfolio that will be the most work. Please do the following ASAP:

  1. Read and reread the Final Reflection Writing Assignment sheet on OpenLab. There’s a lot of information there!
  2. Focus on the brainstorming questions on the first page.
  3. Take notes as you do the following:
  4. Look back at your Journals and Writing Reflections (these should be on your email).
  5. Review your major writing projects for Units 1, 2, and 3. Think about what you learned through each project.
  6. Start thinking about how you will organize this Reflection. It doesn’t have to be a traditional five-paragraph essay; however, it does need to show how you changed as a writer/scholar and how you can use these skills in college and beyond, so there needs to be organization of some kind.
  7. Start writing! It needs to be 1,000 words, which can be scary, but if you are honest and open with your experience, it’ll be easier than you think.
  8. You are allowed to take anything from your own writing this semester–in fact, you need to quote yourself at least three times–so feel free to cut, paste, quote, paraphrase, summarize any words that are your own!
  9. The Rough Draft of the Final Reflection is due on Thursday, May 14.
  10. The final drafts of the Final Reflection & Final Portfolio are due Thursday, May 21. This final date is unmovable. I am required to post grades soon after this date, and I have three classes, which means I have a lot of grading to do.

Again, the Rough Draft is due Thursday, May 14!!!

Okay, this is a lot to digest. If you have questions, you know where to find me!

Be safe & well!

ENG1121, Class Session 5/5/20

Hello, dear students!

Hopefully, everyone’s posted their U3 Writing Assignment on this website by now.

Now, for Tuesday’s class, let’s focus on our Process Essay, which I hope everyone worked on this weekend.

First, we need to do a Peer Review of the essay.

Since this is an informal writing assignment, you get to choose who you’d like to have peer review this assignment.

If you have a friend you’ve made in this class or someone from this class whose input you’ve found valuable, you can trade with that person. The worksheet is on OpenLab, under the title “ENG1121, U3 Process Essay Peer Review.”

The peer review sheet is very simple. It shouldn’t take more than 15-30 minutes to complete–if not sooner.

So, if you have a friend (outside of this class) or a family member you’d prefer to review your essay, that’s fine! Just email the peer review sheet from OpenLab to that person.

Either way, you must email the completed Peer Review Worksheet to me by 11:59 PM on Tuesday, 5/5/20 (that’s just before midnight on Tuesday, not noon on Tuesday)in order to receive participation points for Tuesday’s class.

The revised Process Essay is due by 11:59 PM on Thursday, 5/7/20, so I’d advise you to get your essay peer reviewed ASAP!

On Thursday, I’m going to begin talking about your Final Reflection as well as the Final Portfolio (both of which stand in for the Final Exam in this class).

Note: If you’re keeping up with the syllabus, there’s a Writing Reflection listed under the “Homework” section for Thursday, 5/7/20 that you don’t need to worry about–I figure if you’ve written a Process Essay, you’ve reflected enough about U3! 

If you have questions, let me know!

Stay safe & be well!