ENG1121, Class Session 5/21/20

Hello, dear students!

Well, we’ve come to the end of the road–at least for this particular semester. I’ll be reminding you of important deadlines and the like below, but first, I want to say a few things:

We’ve been through an experience this semester that has been challenging, frustrating, and, for many of us–if not all–depressing. All of those emotions (and any I haven’t mentioned) are totally valid. I’ve had conversations with many of you over the semester, and during each one I’ve tried to say (however awkwardly) how awesome you are and how impressed I am with you. Even if I haven’t spoken to you one-on-one, I still want you to know I think these things about each of you. Seriously.

I hope all of us will have a chance to catch our breath for a moment when this semester is finally closed and let ourselves feel strong in the knowledge that we’ve survived a moment of unparalleled time in recent history. It’s not over–not by a long shot–but we’ve weathered some serious shit thus far. (I hope I don’t get in trouble for using that term!)

I’m honored to have been able to facilitate your writing and get to know each of you a little bit through the work you’ve created this semester. I’ve learned about soccer, genetic engineering, nursing, religion, fast fashion, and online fighting games, to name just a few of the topics you’ve shared with me.

I also want to keep in touch. I love running into my students in the halls of City Tech long after they’ve been in my class. I hope we’ll be in physical halls again soon, but until that happens, we’ll have to run into each other in virtual halls by other means. My personal email address is jessica.penner@gmail.com. I do Twitter occasionally and Instagram. Email me if you want my handles.

Okay, I’ll stop and get down to particulars:

Final Portfolios

Please save the PDF files EXACTLY as I show in the Final Portfolio Assignment document.

For example, if I submitted a Final Portfolio assignment, my files would look like this:

1_Jessica Penner, Final Reflection

2_Jessica Penner, Revision Paragraphs for UX and UX

3_Jessica Penner, U1 Writing Assignment

4_Jessica Penner, U2 Writing Assignment

5_Jessica Penner, U3 Writing Assignment

6_Jessica Penner, U3 Process Essay

7_Jessica Penner, Selected Journals

Note the numbers–PLEASE number each file! 

This helps me grade more efficiently, and is something that’ll help your overall grade, because if you do not follow these instructions, I will take 10% off your Final Portfolio grade.

There are many other details to the Final Portfolio. If you haven’t already please look at this document I’ve posted on OpenLab.


Send the files in one email to tuesthurseng11211@gmail.com, NOT my City Tech email address! 

I’ve been generous on deadlines this semester because of the situation we’ve all been through, but this deadline is real, folks, because I have to turn in grades soon after this date. I don’t have time to locate you and your portfolio.

If you don’t turn in a Final Portfolio by 11:59 PM on May 21, 2020, you’ll lose 400 points (this is worth 30% of your overall grade).

Even if your Final Portfolio isn’t complete or as finished as you’d like, know that this is the agony of any writer–student or otherwise–we never feel it’s perfect, so submit what you’ve got by May 21!

If you have questions or concerns, contact me and we can talk during the  class office hours (Thursday, 2:30 – 4 PM). I can work in other times, but you’ll have to email me in advance.

Know that I rarely check my email late at night, so if you have a burning question, ask me before 9 PM.

Please note: This question shouldn’t call for an answer that you can find on the Final Portfolio Assignment sheet, so check there first.

I cannot grant extensions, so do not ask for one. Again, even if it’s not complete, turn what you have in by Thursday night.

Final Grades

Grades must be posted by all City Tech faculty by May 28, so your grade for this class will be up soon after this date. I have 60+ students’ portfolios to grade, then I have to calculate grades, etc., so there’s a lot that has to happen between the last day of class and that date. I post all grades at once, so please don’t expect your grade to be up any sooner than this.

One more time…

Stay safe & well!

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