ENG1121 3/30/20 Class Session

Hello, dear students!

Since we’re on an instructional recess, you don’t have to do anything, but please review the PowerPoint and use it to help you proofread your next draft of the writing project.

Go to OpenLab and download the PowerPoint PDF titled “ENG1121 3.30.20 Class Session” and study its contents.

Review your U2 Writing Assignment and check for clarity, grammar, and mechanics (issues that I cover in the PowerPoint). If you have a family member who’s a picky reader, ask them to look at it as well!

If you have questions, I’ll be available during our office hours on Monday (10-11:30 am).


The NEW due date for the Unit 2 Writing Assignment will be 11:59 PM (that’s just before midnight) on Sunday, April 5. 

I will be instructing you how to turn in your final draft in a later post! 

Be safe and well!

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