Hello, dear students!

Some (or all) of you may know about the email the chancellor of CUNY sent out late Wednesday afternoon. The email instructed all CUNY schools to have another recess from instruction in order to distribute laptops and other devices to students. (You’ll remember an email I sent about this earlier.) I’m going to honor the chancellor’s announcement with some slight changes for ENG1121 ONLY.


From March 27 to April 1, there are to be NO assignments or exams. This is to give time for those who don’t have computer or internet access to receive the devices or access.

Before the chancellor made this announcement, I had a due date of 11:59 PM tonight (March 27) for peer reviews to be completed. Most of you have already completed this assignment. If you are one of those students who responded to my earlier email and haven’t been able to complete this task because of a lack of a computer or internet access, please email me.

If you have access to a computer and internet, please be kind to your partner and complete the peer review by tonight. If you’ll be a little late, let both of us know.

That also changes a significant due date for your final draft of the Unit 2 Writing Assignment, which was going to be Wednesday, April 1.

The NEW due date for the Unit 2 Writing Assignment will be 11:59 PM (that’s just before midnight) on Sunday, April 5. 

I will be instructing you how to turn in your final draft in a later post! 

The “recalibration” period covers both classes next week, but since those classes cover proofreading (March 30) and reflection (April 1), I feel that we don’t have to “skip” those classes. I will be posting on both Monday and Wednesday, but you will not asked to do anything to receive participation points!

That said, please review both posts for guidance on revising (before April 5) and reflection (after April 5).

I will maintain the office hours for this class next week: 10:00-11:30 am on both Monday and Wednesday. Email me with questions or if you’d like to do a hangout session!

Once again, if you are having issues with maintaining tonight’s due date or any other issue, reach out to me at my City Tech email or my gmail account for this class: monwedeng1121@gmail.com. We’ll work through it.

Be safe and well this weekend!

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