Prof K Pelka :Tuesday 12:00 - 3:20

Welcome, Students!

I look forward to working with all of you this semester to make some interesting and meaningful pictures. I hope that we will all have fun and learn to be better photographers.

Class meetings will be in-person in V111.

We …

Discussion 2

After watching the videos I believe I have a good understanding of what gives a photograph strength. It’s important to focus on the elements in the frame such as objects, environment, and people but it’s important to be able to …

Discussion 1

  • Dawoud Bey used photography as a way of finding his voice because he wanted his work to be emotional. He photographed styles in which he uses dark and gloomy (in a way) photographs that show the depth of his work

Photo Essay

Diane Arbus was an American photographer she had a wide range of subjects. Arbus photographed subjects that were not conventional for the time period including transvestites, giants, circus performers, nudists, and identical twins. Arbus got to know her subjects very …

Final Critique

I like this image because I like the repetition of the building and I also like how the reflection of the light aims towards the building giving it a sense of motion

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