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Costa Rica Bungee Jumping (off a suspended cable car!)

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This is something that I did while in Costa Rica!

On this unique tour you travel on a short tram and cable system to reach a high platform.

Time to look around and enjoy the amazing view of the forest.

From this platform of 143 meters (!) you take a deep breath and jump into space. The rush is unbelievable especially for all you adrenaline junkies out there!

The special cart you travel in is your first thrill as it moves back and forth across cables that are suspended unbelievably high across a beautiful valley. If you dare to look that is!

Game Reserves – Djuma Game Reserve

The reserve is named from the Shangaan word meaning “roar of the lion” – just one of the big 5 game animals you’ll find on our doorstep. Djuma Private Game Reserve forms part of the privatised Sabi Sand Game Reserve, bordering on the famous Kruger National Park. There are no dividing fences between Djuma, Sabi Sand and the great trans-frontier national park, blending Djuma’s own 7000 hectares into a magnificent ecosystem that wraps around the eastern corner of South Africa.

Djuma Private Game Reserve recognises and embraces the important role it plays in the overall conservation of its environment. Every effort is made to maximise the preservation of our environment by practising responsible management techniques that protect and enhance the area for future generations. We aim to help secure the long-term sustainability of the South African tourism industry and are aligned with the Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa organisation.

The reserve enjoys a wealth of diverse wildlife, at ease in their natural and undisturbed surroundings. Visitors to Djuma are treated to some of the best game-viewing opportunities Africa has to offer, without compromising on luxury, fine dining and relaxation. Best of all, Djuma offers a team of long serving and dedicated staff that have made it famous for its friendly and professional service.

Rainbow’s End Amusement/Theme Park

Rainbow’s End is currently New Zealand’s largest theme park, opened in 1982.  There are two primary attractions: New Zealand’s only corkscrew rollercoaster, which is 90 feet high and contains 3 inversions, a vertical loop, and a double corkscrew, and the StratosFEAR, one of only 4 on the planet and supposedly one of the scariest rides on earth, featuring a 360 degree rotation.