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My quote was “However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at!” by Stephen Hawking. I think this great quote because it has the ability to resonate with anyone, giving them a sense of hope to not give up that there is always a way to personal success!

My quote first picture is typical road going off into the distance, but this could represent a journey one takes in life. The sheer distance of may look hard at the beginning as it goes off into the distance, but all roads do lead somewhere!

My second picture is over a woman at the peak of a mountain. This represent the final glory of the achievement of success because climbing the mountain by itself has difficulty.

My Final representation had no picture because I felt the Quote was pretty self-explanatory.

The font I used for the two with pictures was American Captain in my opinion thought it was BOLD able stand out, while being simple could show a sense of ease and certainty. Coincidentally the text name has America in it which people usually associate with be a successful to accomplish many dreams. The last quote the font was Arial black which is yet another typeface with simple letter forms. I just used Bit stream Vera to highlight and make clear key words of the quote.


My voting poster essentially giving the impression of championship fight about to take place live on demand! because I felt it was best way to represent how coarse this presidential race was.