Field trip

ink jet printerEnvelope filling machine     Field Trip Report!

On the field trip to UTF was an eye opener it made aware of how much actually goes into producing a booklet or printed sheets. UTF is on small scale due to it being based for the teachers so there weren’t a lot of machines. All the machines were neatly placed throughout the room with oily tinge in the air. Interestingly machines varied, old to more modern machines from letter presses to digital printing. Other than those printers they had there were machinery to fold, cut and even fill envelopes with prints hey produced.  The standard letter press was really interesting to see, compared to the other machines had very historic look with the oils stains chipped paint and rust spots here and there, though technically it was the predecessor to the digital device. It was astonishing hearing that the machine was small (only having two stations) in comparison to major printing companies as stated could take up a whole room. In contrast to the letter press digital printer was crisp and very modern. Digital print was amazing at how fast and efficiently it could produce print outs, all monitored by a computer clear difference between human monitored and analog input letter press. Next to impress was a machine used to fill the mail which wasn’t very fancy. It impressed me because everything relied on timing and sequence of each mechanism from placing content into the envelope to lastly being sealed. Overall it was very enlightening experience, most satisfying was the guided/ manager giving help tips and qualities he looks for when hiring new prospects.