Promotional Piece



My strategy in creating this  booklet(comprised of 4 pages) was to show as much variation  as possible under one overall fantasy theme. Depicting a seemingly mundane object, such as a teddy bear and stretching the imagination as far as it could go. Allowing that object to have personality. I wanted to show my artistic skill by having each teddy bear in a subset genre to  fantasy theme. My main goal was to research other artists, who have similar taste or in the least work under the same genre of style. I collected these names from illustration books, Instagram and some person to person networking. Most of the artists use self promotional websites and Instagram pages, so I hope for a bigger network or even pointed into a clear direction.


Iamtheartistiam-artist  @iamtheartistiam.

N Steven Harris- artist

John Jennings-artist

Mshindo Kuumba

Sara Pagalia @sarapagaila

Robert Nippoldt @robertnippoldt

Marco mazzoni @marcomazzoniart

Laura Laine @ laura_laine

Katarina Kuhl @katarinakuehl

Alina Grinpuaka @grinpauka

Robin Eisenberg @robineisenberg

Christi Du Toit @christidutoit

Custom by sophy @custombysophy

Mike Thompson @mikeartworks

Hattie Stewart @hattiestewart

Bruno Santin @Aquilesbrunosantin

John Lee Hooker

Guillermo Garcia Aycardi

Eric Fortune 

Nathan Fox