Recap: Exploring Research Projects on the OpenLab

Last week’sĀ Open Pedagogy event, Exploring Research Projects on the OpenLab, was a great success, with lots of time for faculty members to explore opportunities for collaboration and research on the site. Attendees agreed on their interest in research design that sends students into the world to investigate a question, followed by opportunities to share and discuss their findingsĀ on the OpenLab. There was particular excitement about the possibility of mappingĀ research, as Prof. Jody Rosen’s students did in her2013 course Being in Brooklyn. You can exploreĀ her students’ interactive map here.

OurĀ final Open Pedagogy event of the semester, Getting Hands-On with Research Projects on the OpenLab, will serve as a working session toĀ follow-up ideasĀ that emerged from last week’s session. All faculty and staff are welcome, even those unableĀ attend the last session, and all attendees should bring their own devices. Stay tuned, too, for a list of open pedagogy resources for research that we will share in anticipation of that event.

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