Join us on Th 2/18: Knowing Brooklyn through Place-Based Open Digital Pedagogy

Knowing Brooklyn through Place-Based Open Digital Pedagogy

Thursday, February 18, 2016, 5:00-6:30pm (Faculty Commons, N227)

Refreshments will be served

Interested in using the OpenLab to engage with the college’s current City Tech GenEdge bird's view of the brooklyn bridgetheme, Knowing Brooklyn? A companion event to this college-wide effort, this session takes a place-based approach to open digital pedagogy. Together we will think through ways to integrate place-based learning around City Tech’s Brooklyn location with open pedagogy on the OpenLab, as we design our courses, activities, and assignments. In partnership with the Brooklyn Waterfront Research Center.


Photo by The Buzz student blogger, Jean-Luc. See more here.

Part-time faculty are eligible to receive a stipend for participation.

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