The OpenLab @HASTAC 2015

Jill Belli & Jody Rosen, two of the OpenLab Co-Directors, are demoing / discussing the OpenLab at the 2015 HASTAC Conference in East Lansing, MI, May 27-30th. The theme of this year’s conference deals with the interdisciplinary nature of the digital humanities and the art & sciences, and we are exciting to bring our work at City Tech to this international network at scholars.

Our project demo, on 3:45pm EST on Thursday, May 28th, provides an overview of the OpenLab, contextualizing it within City Tech’s local context, our design principles, and pedagogical and professional development innovations.

Below are our slides (uploaded here as a PDF), so you can follow along with us virtually. We welcome questions / comments / ideas by leaving “comments” below.

Download (PDF, 6.62MB)



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