Open Digital Pedagogy at ELD

The OpenLab team is facilitating a session at the Emerging Learning Design Conference at Montclair State University, so we would like to welcome colleagues from ELD 2014!

For the Open Digital Pedagogy: Creating a Game-Based Workshop, we’d love for participants to share their products with the OpenLab community. Use the format below to share your assignment ideas as comments to this post–or revise it to fit the needs of what you’ve made. We’re glad to have you join our efforts on the OpenLab!

Our three cards were

General Education Student Learning Outcome:

Open Pedagogy Technique:


Our group developed a/an [formal/informal/ group/ classroom] assignment that asks students to [what they’ll do] and then [what else they’ll do] and [finally what else they’ll do] using [specific tools, materials, skills] so they can learn [course goal] while also developing [specific and or general skills]

Thanks for playing with us!

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  1. Our three cards were

    General Education Student Learning Outcome: Derive meaning from experience, as well as gather information from observation.

    Open Pedagogy Technique: Students contribute to an online resource.

    Game: MadLib

    Our group developed an interactive assignment:
    Course: Intro to Nutrition
    Topic:Food Plate
    Open Digital Resource: Pinterest
    1. Understand Food Plate recommendations
    2. Take pictures of one home cooked meal and one restaurant meal upload to Pinterest
    -In the description box compare and analyze the meals with Food Plate recommendations (include portion size, choice, nutritional content, etc.)
    -Review peers’ contributions and comment via the blog feature on Pinterest

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