New and Noteworthy is the City Tech Library OER team’s monthly roundup of new and noteworthy open educational resources. We try to include at least one OER relevant to each school at City Tech in every post. At the end of the month, these resources will be compiled and distributed by the library liaison for your department. Please contact us if you know of new or particularly interesting OER to share with our colleagues or would like more information about OER initiatives at City Tech.

Business: Accounting/Marketing

Principles of Marketing, by Maria Gomez Albrecht, Mark Green, and Linda Hoffman (2022). License: CC BY

“Principles of Marketing provides a solid grounding in the core concepts and frameworks of marketing theory and analysis so that business students interested in a major or minor in marketing will also be prepared for more rigorous, upper-level elective courses. Concepts are further reinforced through detailed, diverse, and realistic company and organization scenarios and examples from various industries and geographical locations.” 

Career and Technology Teacher Education

Trauma Informed Education, by Govind Krishnamoorthy, Kay Ayre, and Dayna Schimke (2023). License: CC BY-NC-SA

“Drawing on their lived experience and professional expertise, the conversations with trauma-informed education experts in this unique book offer educators an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the needs of students and strategies for responding with compassion and empathy. In a time of rapidly emerging scientific discovery, and social and political challenges, this book encourages educational leaders to question the fundamental assumptions of dominant pedagogical practices and sets the foundations for innovation in education.”


Visual Communication by Steve Covello, Granite State College (2023). License: CC BY-NC-SA

“The focus of COM 480 – Visual Communication is on the use of visual media as a means for conveying information to an audience. In particular, we will limit our attention to the use of still imagery because of the vast, openly available repositories of visual media and the simplicity of manipulating them.”

Communication Design

Justseeds Open Type Project by Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative (2021-2023). License: CC BY-NC-SA

“The Justseeds Open Type Project creates open-access fonts for activists, organizers, and movement designers. Most of the fonts are designed by members of the Justseeds Artists Cooperative, though some have been repurposed and expanded from historical posters and artifacts. The left has a rich history of hand drawn, decorative, and display fonts, a legacy that is tied into the history of sign, picket, and banner making as well as the history of accessible and low-cost printing technologies. The Justseeds Open Type Project hopes to draw upon and expand this design history by creating a library and archive of open access fonts for use.”

Computer Systems Technology

Computational Physics: A Practical Introduction to Computational Physics and Scientific Computing (using C++) – Second Edition by Konstantinosn N. Anagnostopoulos, National Technical University of Athens (2016). License: CC BY-NC-SA

“This book is an introduction to the computational methods used in physics, but also in other scientific fields. It is addressed to an audience that has already been exposed to the introductory level of college physics, usually taught during the first two years of an undergraduate program in science and engineering. It assumes no prior knowledge of numerical analysis, programming or computers and teaches whatever is necessary for the solution of the problems addressed in the text. It can be used as a textbook in introductory computational physics or scientific computing classes.”

Construction Management Technology / Civil Engineering Technology

Construction Contracting: Business and Legal Principles, Second Edition, by Stuart H. Bartholomew, University Libraries at Virginia Tech (2022). License: CC BY-NC-SA

“This introduction to construction contracting as it applies to typical, every-day situations explains “theoretical” ideas in terms of what really happens in practice. It emphasizes the more common case law holdings and industry customs that help avoid troublesome legal issues during the completion of a project.”


A Practicum in Behavioral Economics by Arthur J. Caplan, Utah State University (2023). License: CC BY

“…the book’s primary goal is to help students experience behavioral economics through participation in the same experiments and games that serve as the foundations for, and shape the contours of, the field.”


Mental Health is a Verb: A Pocket Guide to Mental Health for Nursing Students, by Jake Bush and Jill Van Der Like. License: CC BY-NC-SA

“[Mental Health is a Verb] reviews the foundations of mental health, psychopharmacology, and the most common mental health diagnoses.”


Introduction to Biological Psychology, edited by Catherine Hall, University of Sussex Library (2023). License: CC BY-NC

“The textbook is designed to be used as primary reading for undergraduate Psychology students studying core biological psychology modules…”

Introduction to Psychology by Jorden A. Cummings and Lee Sanders, University of Saskatchewan Open Press (2023). License: CC BY-NC-SA

The introductory text includes 55 H5P activities including “…Self-Tests provided with each chapter are also a new addition for this book; these were created using the H5P plugin for WordPress.”

World Languages

Grammaire Ouverte by James Law, BYU Open Textbook Network (2022). License: CC BY

“Ce livre est une grammaire pédagogique du français destinée aux apprenants de niveau avancé. 28 chapitres approfondissent les concepts essentiels de la grammaire française (noms et pronoms, modificateurs, verbes, transformations).” This text consists of 28 chapters to deepen the essential concepts of French grammar (nouns and pronouns, modifiers, verbs, transformations).

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