New and Noteworthy is the City Tech Library OER Team’s bi-weekly roundup of new and noteworthy OER. We try to include at least one OER relevant to each school at City Tech in every post. At the end of the month, these resources will be compiled and distributed by the library liaison for your department. Please contact us if you know of new or particularly interesting OER to share with our colleagues or would like more information about OER initiatives at City Tech. 

Arts & Sciences 

  1. Romeo and Juliet, by Rebecca Olson, Oregon State University (2021). License: CC BY-NC-SA
    “This edition of Romeo and Juliet was edited by students for students. […] The editors—Oregon State University students who remember, far better than their professors, what it was like to read the play for the first time—carefully considered every pronoun, punctuation mark, and footnote. Our goal: to make a friendly, confidence-building edition that supported classroom activities at the high school and college level.”
  2. ¡Que viva la música! Repaso de conversación en español, by Norma Corrales-Martin, North Broad Press (2021). License: CC BY-NC
    “¡Qué viva la música! Repaso de conversación en español, or Long Live Music! Spanish Conversational Review is an open textbook intended for conversational review, typically a fourth-semester Spanish class. The textbook is organized around nine different songs that provide students opportunities to practice, aurally and orally, as well as in writing, the main communicative goals and key grammatical structures learned in previous classes.”

Professional Studies

  1. Introduction to Communication in Nursing, Edited by Jennifer Lapum, Oona St-Amant, Michelle Hughes, and Joy Garmaise-Yee, Ryerson University (2020). License: CC BY-NC
    “This open access textbook is intended to guide best practices in communication in the context of the nursing profession. The resource addresses communication theory, therapeutic communication and interviewing, and interprofessional communication as it relates to nursing. This resource is designed for students in undergraduate nursing programs.”
  2. Fashion History Timeline from the Fashion Institute of Technology, License: CC BY-NC-SA
    “The Fashion History Timeline is an open-access source for fashion history knowledge, featuring objects and artworks from over a hundred museums and libraries that span the globe. The Timeline website offers well-researched, accessibly written entries on specific artworks, garments and films for those interested in fashion and dress history. Started as a pilot project by FIT art history faculty and students in the Fall of 2015, the Timeline aims to be an important contribution to public knowledge of the history of fashion and to serve as a constantly growing and evolving resource not only for students and faculty, but also for the wider world of those interested in fashion and dress history (from the Renaissance scholar to the simply curious).”

Technology & Design

  1. 360 Essentials: A Beginner’s Guide to Immersive Video Storytelling, by Joshua Cameron, Gary Gould, and Adrian Ma, Ryerson University Library (2021). License: CC BY
    “Our objective with this resource is to walk you through the essential steps in creating compelling and engaging 360 video experiences. While some prior experience with photography or videography can help, the technology available now gives anybody the ability to produce this type of amazing content.”
  2. Basic Motor Control, by Aaron Lee and Chad Flinn, BCcampus (2021). License: CC BY
    “This readily accessible online resource was developed for anyone who has interest in, or works with, AC motors and their associated motor control equipment. Whether you are an electrical apprentice learning about the subject in school or a seasoned journeyperson installing equipment in the field, you will find it easy to navigate through the descriptive text, original diagrams, and explanatory videos to find the exact information you are looking for.”

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