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Pineapple Pizza: Pros and Cons

There are simply no pros to pineapple on pizza. “It may be healthy,” says my classmate, but I personally have a distaste for it so strong, health does not matter. I have tried this noxious dish. My mother once ordered it for me. Let me tell you what ensued: do you know what happens when you taste something so disgusting, that you can’t even swallow it? You have to spit it out?

That’s what I, in fact, did.

What’s your views on pineapple pizza?




  1. Kevon Barnes

    Pineapple pizza isn’t as bad as you may think. It gives the pizza a little bit of a cool satisfying flavor to it that other pizzas don’t have. The only thing about pineapple pizza that I do not recommend is saving the pizza for the next day and trying to reheat it. The pineapples will then have a weird taste that will make the entire pizza taste disgusting. If you eat the pizza right when you receive it I promise you’ll think different.

    • SSchmerler

      Nicely argued, Kevon. The conditions under which we experience something really impact our reaction. Plus — you are so specific. That’s good. Details. Like that. Can’t argue as much with someone who is specific and gives details.
      Still…I am…hesitant to take that first bite. You know? I mean…it’s…YELLOW.

  2. Adeeba Cheema

    I would personally never order that pizza or even try it even though my sisters eat it about everyday I’ve never even had the urge to try it because I don’t believe fruit should be on pizza it should just be eaten Separately

    • Christopher

      I disagree, pizza with pineapples has a great taste. Well in the beginning when I first discovered pizza with pineapples, It sounded distasteful and I also thought it was a odd combination to add a fruit topping on a pizza. It’s like putting pineapple slices in sandwich. Now that sounds disgusting. But i gave it a try and I ordered a pizza pie with pineapples and it was so good that until this day I regret rejecting all those pies my friends and family used to order. It’s just too good… I have no type of explanation on how good that combination taste, that’s how good it really tastes. If you haven’t tried it and you think its unpleasant then i suggest for you to at least try one bite and i promise you that your life would change. P.S add some bacon as a bonus, it makes it taste way better.

    • SSchmerler

      Adeeba: Every day?? For real?

  3. AndreGoines

    I have had pineapple pizza in the past and although it is TERRIBLE; its not the worst pizza combination I’ve ever had

    • SSchmerler

      Okay, I can’t help but ask, Andre: What IS the worst pizza combination you’re ever had?

  4. Nathaniel

    In my opinion , I don’t think pizza should ever go along with fruits, I always see my sister eatting pineapple pizza and i ask her what do u get from eating that , she tells me “it’s healthy”. Some people maybe enjoy it but i think it should never be eaten .

  5. Ainur

    Before commenting on this topic I wanted to try it first, but I haven’t had chance yet. I mean it doesn’t feel like a good combination, but I love pineapples, so probably it will be ok for me for eating, but probably I will not be in love with it. But definitely I will try it ASAP 🙂

    • SSchmerler

      I agree, Ainur. I usually like to know what I’m talking about before I talk about it. I appreciate that you would want to try it, first.

      You’re being honest — but also open minded.

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