In addition to simply being an average 1101 English Comp class, we are also a First Year Learning Community at CityTech (NYCCT) that unites two professors, myself (Sarah Schmerler, English Dept.) and Grazyna Niezgoda, Mathematics. I teach ENG 1101, and Prof. Niezgoda teaches Math 065. We share the same students in both our classes in an effort to build unity and communication. It’s been proven that Freshmen have better skill retention and stay with the college experience when we, the faculty, combine our forces and work together.

(Image taken from Ludwig Wittgensein's Tractatus Logico Philosophicus, first published in German in 1921)

Here is our mandate:

“LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Students will learn procedures for how to analyze difficult assignments and break them down into simple, workable steps (Instructors will actively demonstrate and model alternate procedures and methods); students will learn to use the element of “failure” as an important part of learning; Students will become effective and efficient communicators and thinkers; students will be able to advocate for themselves as they face problems and re-word/re-frame them into actionable tasks; students will use language to “speak out” tasks and show their reasoning; students will master previous fears and perceived inabilities in the two discipline areas.”