ENG 1101 LC22/CD322 Fall 2017

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ENG 1101 LC22/CD322 Fall 2017
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English, Humanities
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Fall 2017
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Attention Freshmen Writers: Armed with simply a pen and paper, we solve life’s complicated problems by breaking them down into simple steps. β€œIn life there are no easy answers – or, are there?,” says our Mission Statement. “Large problems are actually workable when you break them down into simple steps. In this Learning Community (which combines English and Math), students will translate their own innate abilities into actionable tools for written communication and mathematical problem solving.”
ABOUT US: We are a First Year Learning Community at CityTech (NYCCT) that unites two professors, myself (Sarah Schmerler, English Dept.) and Grazyna Niezgoda, Mathematics. I teach ENG 1101, and Prof. Niezgoda teaches Math 065. We share the same students in both our classes in an effort to build unity and communication. It’s been proven that Freshmen have better skill retention and stay with the college experience when we, the faculty, combine our forces and work together.


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