Okay, Class. Here is the revised party plan. If you are on the list and can NOT come through, please let us know by “commenting” here. If you are not on the list and can help, please do! We need games, activities, desserts… If I got your contribution wrong, please let me know. Otherwise, the bottom line is: come through!!

Plan: Party is now revised to Dec. 11

Who and What:

Maria: sodas / drinks (including seltzer)

Ainur: juice

Anand: Everything hot and delicious and home cooked (fried chicken, mac and cheese, et al)

Leonard: ? drinks?

Kory and Kevon: plates, cups, cutlery — in short, really essential stuff for serving

Nigel and…Aaron and…? Possibly Kemani…: Card games like UNO and Crazy Eights. Board games like…?

Jordan: ?

Kemani and Adeeba: cookies or cake

Nethaniel: ?

Alexis and Professor: some exercises/activities/musical playlist for Lab Room and possible karaoke