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Hoodies (are the best) — (or) How I Decide What to Wear in the Morning

Hi Class. We heard, first day, about how people come to school in the morning and otherwise just prepare to leave the house.

Some of us talked about how we decide how to get dressed (what’s the weather like outside?);

Some of us have a specific morning “rituals”;

For others, it’s really just down to a decision of whether to wear a hoodie or not. Or rather, which hoodie.

Hit “Comments” above and respond to one of the topics in the title of this post — your choice. Either “Hoodies (are the best)” or “How I Decide What to Wear in the Morning.” If you did not join our OpenLab course site by the second class (and you know who you are) this little “Comment” exercise is required. Please write at least a paragraph. Thank you.

We won’t shine the glare of criticism on you — there’s no “right” answer here.


  1. Nigel wright

    “How I Decide What to Wear in the Morning.” To me is a repetitive question every individual asks themselves every morning. Even though it could be a simple task to pick out what to wear, sometimes our clothes show who we are as a person, it could explain our moods , and even reflect the environment around us.

  2. Bryanna Andrew

    “How I Decide What To Wear In The Morning”

    I make my decision on what to wear in the morning based on a multitude of factors. I take into account practical things such as the weather outside. No one wants to wear board-shorts in a blizzard or a parka on a sunny day. There’s no shame in just wanting to be comfortable and weather appropriate unless you’re a nun or something. I also have to dress accordingly to where I’m going unless I’m staying in my house all day, which in that case, pajamas work fine. My mom says she knew people who wore pajamas to class in college, but I would never do that because that just seems silly to me. I mean, I guess I could wear pajamas to class if my pajamas entailed something a bit more sophisticated like sweatpants and a t-shirt, but I wear the most ridiculously colorful and patterned things to bed so that would quite work for me. I think what I’m trying to say is, don’t wear a bikini to a business meeting and don’t dress like a four star hotel concierge for a day with your family at the local pool.
    Aside from the practical, I acknowledge holistic factors such as my emotions and energy, how I feel that morning is very important. There’s nothing worse that picking out a really cool outfit and than having someone burst your bubble by saying, “Hey, you look kind of stupid in that.” I mean, that’s never actually happened to me, but I’m sure if it did, it would really suck.
    If I feel emotionally content in the morning, but if I’m physically exhausted, I may be more inclined to laze about and put on whatever is easiest, it’s mixing figuring out you won the lottery with taking five Ambien; your body just can’t seem to keep up with your minds excitement. I mentioned picking out whatever is easiest earlier, and for me being someone who has to deal with the painfully cold New York weather, an oversized hoodie is always the easiest.

    – Bryanna Andrew

    • SSchmerler

      About what you said, Bryanna…In middle school I was bullied about what I’d wear to school. I was so scared. I had zero idea what I was doing wrong. I was just told off and I’d go back home and ask my Mom if what the kids told me was true.
      I still am kind of clueless.

  3. Maria Cruz

    -Hoodies are the best-
    Hoodies are particularly good for those moments when you just don’t know what to wear, they combine with everything and are good for every weather (depending of course of the cloth), also they are good if you just want to cover yourself and don’t want to get noticed.

  4. Gabriela Pena

    I usually don’t pick out my outfit in the morning. I think it has a lot to do with being raised in a Dominican household. I’ve gotten so used to picking out my outfit and preparing everything I need for the next day the night before. When I think about what to wear the first thing I do is check the weather. I hate being unprepared. I usually always carry an umbrella and an extra pair of socks because sometimes the weather app is inaccurate. Once I check the weather there are a few ways I go about picking an outfit. One way is I decide what color am I in the mood for. And sometimes I’ll pick my makeup color first and sometimes I’ll pick my outfits color first it’s random honestly. And when I pick a color it’s usually based off of how I feel at the moment. If I’m happy I like to go with pink, red, yellow, or white. When I’m more on the gloomy side I go with black, dark green, grey, or brown. This doesn’t apply for EVERY outfit but for most yes. Sometimes I build off my outfits off of what sneakers/shoes I want to wear. If I want to wear my pink shoes I’ll make sure I wear colors to go with it. Other times if I have at time during the night I’ll start playing with graphics and different prints. mixing and matching patterns and colors. And once my outfit is picked out I also pick out my jewelry that would go with the look of the day and that is it. That’s how I pick out my outfit.

  5. Taylor Giraud

    In college you are one of two people; the person who wears hoodies all the times or the person who actually cares and dresses up the picks out their outfit. There is a third this one being the one who cares sometimes, and dresses up sometimes to show the rest of the college population, hey I got a little something. Since this is a bit of a side taking argument I must take the side of hoodies are better. ( Although I do not have this luxury myself since I work) Hoodies are the better option in my opinion due the fact that they are simple, not much though is put in and there for you can spend less time on picking out your outfit and more time sleeping. Hoodies keep you warm, less layers also means less to carry during the day. Many can counter argue this by saying appearance means a lot and if you constantly present yourself in a hoodie that does not give off a caring impression. One can counter that by simple stating that the clothes on your back do not determine the knowledge you possess. The dumbest individual could be dressed in a suit but at the end of the day lose a job to a man in jeans because he was smarter.
    Hoodies (are better).

    • Jennifer Rivas

      I absolutely agree with you Taylor! I am partly all those people you talked about in a way. Aha. I honestly would like to give a shout out for the person who created hoodies honestly. There easy to put on, comfortable and cozy. Everyone and anyone can wear them. I would have to go with the side: hoodies are the best! Any chance I would have to wear a hoodie I would for the following reasons said before. Even though we cannot all the time due to work or special occasions. They’re a must for the fall and winter. You will most likely use it 3 out of 4 seasons in the entire year. You can dress hoodies up or down. They go with any type of bottoms. You also have hoodies that can be differentiate with thickness and the thinness. (like the heaviness or how lightweight) Again, even though hoodies are very tempting to wear all times. It wouldn’t be the best to wear all the times, like Taylor said, because if you do constantly present yourself in a hoodie all time, it can tend to demonstrate inferior impression(s). However, hoodies are still the best!!

  6. Anand Samuel

    -Hoodies are the best-

    Hoodies and sweatpants, the most comfortable clothing hands down. It’s my go to always no matter what. I agree with Taylor ( the above Post), Just because one choses to wear hoodies doesn’t mean they don’t care. I have created success in my life all with dressing like I am ready to go to the gym. When I attend business meeting with all these “honorable people” in suits, they are coming to me for advice and my knowledge and there is always a hoodie on my back. #comfortablelife

    • SSchmerler

      Sometimes a hoodie makes me feel like a monk. Sort of holy looking, all-knowing. However, like Aaron says, they have huge social associations which are not to be taken lightly. It’s got many levels, this garment.
      You are a good spokesperson for it!

  7. Aaron Alexis

    “Hoodies are the best “.
    Why hoodies?, they keep you warm and comfortable for weather that is unpredictable. Even a omniscient being would chose a hoodie because of it’s versatile uses amongst nature. I know truly hoodies maybe dangerous to be used by my race, Trayvon Martin is what shines light onto that theory for me, but I don’t believe every man will view events in a manner equally, maybe this is why I still chose to where hoodies. More or less it truly because of its ability to adapt to unforeseeable changes in weather and still stays agreeable to support my body’s equilibrium of comfort and health.

    • SSchmerler

      Yes, Aaron. A truly amazing garment/invention. I could almost see Leonardo daVinci’s “Vetruvian Man” in one.

  8. Adrian McCurchin

    Hoodies (are the best)

    Hoodies has been a popular clothing line for years. It plays a part in many individuals fashion style just like every other clothing. Most people enjoy wearing hoodies. People love it so much that they wear it all year around. Even summer. I don’t know what it is but hoodies can make anything look good. From jeans to shorts. It’s like the saying for black.”Black goes with everything”. That’s why hoodies are the best.

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