Greetings everyone, my name is Mamadou. I live and reside in the Big Apple, also known as New York City.  I am a English Major here at City Tech, looking to create opportunities for myself in the writing and journalistic workspace. I was originally in New York City and was raised to adhere to the community we all have came to cherish (for the most part). I’m in my third semester here in college and honestly without a doubt in mind, it’s been an interesting experience. I was also told to ‘fear college’ and be intimidated by the amount of workload our universities would provide throughout my school career and to now embellish the true experience of being in college changes my entire perspective. I’m looking forward to creating a path for myself, for future innovation and the advocation for a better government in our country.

Delving towards what my interests are, I have found myself really involved in politics. Right now, I believe there is a political and economical divide in our country. We are living through times of separation and our country is divided now more than ever. America is suffering from a national identity and unity crisis, and I point the blame towards our current political parties. Our two political party system have divided this country and rather than addressing the large-scale issues America faces, both parties push these agendas and narratives towards one another to try and stand as the better party. As a result of this, our government becomes weak in the eyes of the general public. I’m working on a book I’m currently writing that addresses these issues head on as well as other issues that pose a threat to our society.

For some reason, I really admire this picture of myself back in ’06. Not only does it prove how big of a Spider-Man fan I am, it perfectly depicts my general mood to this day. Looking back at old memories leads to nostalgia, and nostalgia is the epitome to our connections of the past.