ENG1151 Fall 2023

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Hello classmates my name is Khalid and this is my second year of college i’m excited to learn and experince this new journey . My pronouns are he /him i was born and raised in the bronx. I really enjoy the medical field and also i enjoi writting i look at it as a way to express my self and let go of all the things that are in my head amd releasing it on to a paper 

I really enjoy going to the gym. I use it as therapy i am able to do all my thinking in the gym and resolve a lot of my issues . The gym also helps me mental as well not just phyically .

Riley Gatto

Hi everyone! My name is Riley, I use she/her pronouns, and I am very excited to be taking this class with you all this semester! I am from New Jersey originally, lived in NYC for 6 years, and due to all my classes being asynchronous this semester, I’m spending some time in Los Angeles this fall! I am a CUNY BA student majoring in the Psychology of Intimacy. A fun fact about me is that I am learning how to unicycle!

QiTing WuWu

Hi, class! My name is QiTing WuWu, I born in Venezuela.  My pronouns are she/ her. This is my last semester for my Bachelor degree. My major is Hospitality Management, focus area in hotel or food beverage. My hobbies is going to try different kind of food and travel. This summer I had went to Orlando, Boston and Canada.

This is Lucky, is a Golden Retriever. He was born in November 2018, and live in my house for almost 5 years. He is super excited when people waves to him, loves to play with people. Also, is a “foodie” dog, enjoy the food but cucumber. We need to walk him at least 2 hours per day, Especially when we take him to the park, feel like want to stay there for more than 3 hours.

Elan Gan

Hello Everyone,

My name is Elan Gan. I am a junior here at City Tech. My pronouns are he/him. My major is biomedical informatics. Some of my favorite hobbies are playing ice hockey as well as tennis, which I started getting into recently. I personally love the summer because you get to spend time on the beach and there are so many sporty games you can play which is my type of style. I also the the winter because of the snow. Snow makes me feel comfortable and i love the smell of the air in the cold weather. I also like it when the snow freezes a bit so we can play hockey outside in our backyard. I don’t have a personal favorite media topic to talk about but if the event is major or affects a lot of people, i will inform myself on the event to be able to talk to others about it.


The 2022 New York Rangers Game Day Experience | Madison Square Garden, NYC  - YouTube

This picture is of the arena where my favorite hockey team plays. I have been a fan since I was a little boy and i am still today. The reason hockey is so valuable to my life is that it has taught me so many valuable life lessons that i use to this day and i will use in the future as well. It taught me how to be determined in my goals, it taught me responsibility, but most importantly it taught me how to make myself a better person and try to help those around me if they are struggling.

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