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Qi Ting Wu Wu Week 3

After watching the video of “Origin of the News”, I learned a lot of new things. The video is informative and talks about how the News forms, and its history.  As we know, news is influential in people’s lives. According to the video that mentioned newspapers must, “1. Be available to a sizeable portion of the public. 2.Be published regularly and frequently. 3. Contain multiple stories in each issue. 4.Have a consistent and recognizable title or format.” These rules help to regulate news follow up and publicity. People could know what’s going on around the world and learn knowledge from the news.

I would like to choose the tour of Union Square to talk about it. My first-time hearing of Union Square was the first year I came to New York and traveled as a visitor. The location of Union Square is central and is on Fourth Avenue. They also have farmer markets on the weekends. The new knowledge to me is the fountain in Stuyvesant Park owned by a farmer. I don’t know about this until watch the video, and it found me out, need to learn more about the history of it.

Riley Gatto

Hi everyone! My name is Riley, I use she/her pronouns, and I am very excited to be taking this class with you all this semester! I am from New Jersey originally, lived in NYC for 6 years, and due to all my classes being asynchronous this semester, I’m spending some time in Los Angeles this fall! I am a CUNY BA student majoring in the Psychology of Intimacy. A fun fact about me is that I am learning how to unicycle!


Hello classmates my name is Khalid and this is my second year of college i’m excited to learn and experince this new journey . My pronouns are he /him i was born and raised in the bronx. I really enjoy the medical field and also i enjoi writting i look at it as a way to express my self and let go of all the things that are in my head amd releasing it on to a paper 

I really enjoy going to the gym. I use it as therapy i am able to do all my thinking in the gym and resolve a lot of my issues . The gym also helps me mental as well not just phyically .

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