ENG1151 Fall 2023

Week 14: City Tech Times, Mark Chiusano, and the Final Project Proposal

Hi Students,

First off, I want to give you a message from the amazing City Tech student, Mohammed Amin, who is editor of the revived City Tech News and is currently looking for writers and designers:

Call to Action for City Tech News

Are you looking to make an impact with your words, photos, or designs? New Tech Times is on the lookout for passionate individuals ready to bring their unique talents to our transformative school newspaper. Writing, photography, art, or event coverage–there’s a place for every skill set. It’s not just about contributing; it’s about connecting with the campus life and being a voice for our community. Let’s collaborate to craft a newspaper that’s not only informative but also a beacon of student talent and engagement. If you’re ready to step into this exciting role, reach out to us with your ideas and let’s explore how you can fit into our team. Together, we can redefine our publication and create a dynamic campus legacy. To join or for more information, please stop by at Namm G-517 or contact us by email, and we’ll guide you through the process.

Best regards,

Mohammed Amin


New Tech Times


Here is a link to the most recent issue: City Tech Times


I strongly support being a part of City Tech Times. A former City Tech student, Donnell Suggs, decided to join and fell in love with journalism. He is now editor-in-chief at the famous and important Atlanta Voice, and will be a guest speaker at our school next semester (which I’ll let you know about).

It’s clear we also have lots of talent in this class, as demonstrated by your riveting OpEd drafts across a variety of cool topics.  By now, I have commented on all of those that were uploaded or emailed to me. Please review my suggested edits and comments (be sure to click “accept”), and I will then post your final grade on it. Most of you can revise your OpEd on the same document in our google docs drive: HERE. If you have any issue finding my comments or editing the document, please let me know.

For this week, I want you to also keep thinking about your final journalism project proposal.

You can use the following template:

Project Title: _______________________

Paragraph One (Description): Describe what your feature story or project is specifically about. What form will it take (website, feature article in a magazine, podcast, documentary film, book)?  Who is your expected audience? Will it include photography, video links, charts, a timeline?  

Paragraph Two (Interest): Explain what makes your project or story interesting or newsworthy.  Consider its potential impact, its timeliness, its human interest, and/or its educational value.

Paragraph Three (Sources): Will it involve interviewing people? Will you rely on expert sources? Will it involve original reporting and/or observation on the ground? Will it utilize social media (which platforms)?

If you are unsure about a project topic, consider expanding your OpEd topic into a larger work of some kind. Explain what additional research and/or journalism tools you could include to reach a wider audience [if a book, what might be the table of contents].

Upload your Project Proposal (Due: Dec. 20): HERE.

To help you think some more about your project proposal, let’s consider the work of former Newsday journalist, Mark Chiusano, who is currently teaching in the City Tech English Department.  He recently published a book on George Santos (The Fabulist), who was just expelled from Congress, and is sharing his work in a variety of formats.  The Fabulist is getting a great deal of attention and HBO has just contracted with him to make a documentary from his exciting material.

Start by watching this short video in which Chiusano discusses his subject, Congressman George Santos, and why telling his story is so important

“When Lying Becomes a Way of Life”  by Mark Chiusano

Here is his book information, which includes a short, interesting podcast. Take a listen.

Lastly, read an excerpt from The Fabulist as it appeared in Vanity Fair Magazine.

On Jan. 10 at 7pm Mark Chiusano will be giving a talk at Books Are Magic on Montague Street in Brooklyn.  You can hear him speak or watch his book talk live on youtube (below).



  1. Riley Gatto

    Hi Professor! I want to clarify–we are only submitting the proposal (in the three paragraph structure outlined here), (due on the 20th) correct? Or do we need to submit the proposal and then actually complete the project? Thank you!

    • Mark Noonan

      Hi Riley,

      Just the proposal!

      Prof. Noonan

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