Hey everyone, my name is Christine and I am a female. I’m from New York and I’ve basically lived here my whole life. I major in associate in science in business and technology of fashion. I’m in my first sophomore year of college also known as the third semester. Some hobbies I enjoy doing would be trying different popular food places, hanging out with my friends, drinking boba, going on late night drives or playing 8 ball. I feel like college right now can be stressful, especially now that our break is over. Honestly, I felt like the break has went by way too fast and that I’m not ready to do all this again. However, I am trying to shift my mindset back to the school zone so I can stayed focused and succeed through out this semester.

The photo below is a picture of me and is significant to me because I love being able to make outfits that go together. In this picture I am wearing a baby blue bape hoodie with my university blue Jordan 1’s. My hoodie which matches the color of my shoes. A bathing ape is the brand of my baby blue hoodie and is one of my go to clothing brands that I really like. Additionally, this photo is meaningful towards me because choosing what to wear is a way to express yourself and how you want others to see you. Lastly, the background of this photo is the city view which is where I’m from and I enjoy looking at city views, especially during the night.