Hello, My name is Aaron Gan. I am 19 years old, and going to turn 20 in October. I am a Junior at new york city college of technology. I am currently studying and majoring in biomedical informatics. I wanna say college so far has been an experience. I didn’t think that I would have made as many friends as I have now. It is unbelievable to believe the growth I have seen in myself and my fellow friends from when we first came to the school until now. I enjoy science and and technol;ogy I think that is why I chose my major. I also really like to play hockey. I started to learn to skate when I was 8 years old. I then started to play hockey at 10. 9 years later still play hockey to this day. Currently, I work in a hospital in IT, helping nurses residents, or even doctors in or’s er’s or any location with their technology issues. working in a hospital really opened my eyes to the world of what can happen in a short day.

Below is a picture of me and my twin brother. He is the closest person to me and we are extremely close. Ever since day one we would always be together going from hockey to the park to having the same friends to have the same interests it was like having the same person by your side the entire day. I think that my brother and I have the same goals in life and I would like to get to the top together.