Hello peers, my name is Cindy Martinez, I’m majoring in Human Services and I’m addressed as she / her. This is my last semester til graduation and I’m very happy that it’s finally coming to an end soon. I haven’t really been up to anything since I’ve been working all summer. On my days off from work, which are the weekends, I try to go out and spend as much quality time with my Fiance. We currently reside in Brooklyn. Some nyc activities or something that I enjoy doing mostly are going to the movies and trying new restaurants.

The picture I shared is just a little piece of memory where I felt the most comfortable and stress-free. Earlier this year started on a rocky foot and just when things felt like it was getting worse my fiance surprised me with a birthday trip that I’m grateful for , for it had turned a bad birthday into a sweet little vacation. I was introduced to a new environment and cultural values that differ from the ones I was raised into. I felt my most free self here and I would like to go back to this particular place for the people I met, food I loved and the tranquility.