Proposed Solutions- Team 5

The wine we are looking for to pair with our selected entrée- Grilled Lamb Steak Haché and Ratatouille- is a red wine that has a medium body with soft tannins, red fruit forward flavors and aromas.


We tasted three red wines at Red Hook Winery:


1) Cabernet Franc, 2015 from the North Fork, Long Island:

Sight: Ruby with a pink rim variation, clear, bright

Smell: Dark berries, cherries.

Taste: Short finish, high acidity, low to medium body, soft in tannins.


2) Cabernet Sauvignon, 2015 from North Fork, Long Island:

Sight: Deep purple

Smell: Cherries, cinnamon, fruit forward, floral notes, vanilla oak.

Taste: Dry, high tannins, high acidity, long finish.


3) Merlot, 2015 from North Fork, Long Island.

Sight: Ruby

Smell: Blackberries, blueberries, vanilla

Taste: High acidity, medium tannins, dry.


Based on the aroma and flavor profile of the wines we tasted, we decided that the blend of wine that we want is:


95 % Cabernet Franc as a base because it had a low to medium body and it had low tannins.

3% Merlot to add body/structure and fruit notes.

2% Cabernet Sauvignon to add floral aromas.

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