Shelf Talker

Our final Shelf Talker is as follows:

Name of the wine: InVino (In wine there is Truth)

Style of your wine: Full-Bodied dry red wine

Tasting notes: Deep color, purplish garnet, dark berry cherry fruits on the nose slight pepper coming through. Same concentrated dark berries and cherry fruits on the palate with slight oakiness and peppery tastes. Firm structure with balanced tannin and acidity with short finish.

Food Pairing Suggestions: This Full-Bodied red wine that has high alcohol and more tannin and dark fruit flavors pair perfectly with equally bold-flavored food, such as red and gamy meat.


Information on a label

InVino, full-bodied dry red wine blend created by Christina, Kristen and Irina in cooperation with the Red Hook Winery.

75% Cabernet Sauvignon and 25% Cabernet Franc, from North-Fork, Long Island, 2015 Vintage.

(BACK OF THE LABEL) Three students from the New York College of Technology made a trip to the Red Hook Winery in Brooklyn to find the truth about wines and their blending methods. They came up with this blend that contains their passion for wine, hospitality and eagerness to always learn something new. Enjoy this red wine and remember, in wine there is the truth.


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