team 4 journal Entry 2

The dish that our team has chosen is the grilled lamb “steaks” hache with ratatouille We believe that this dish would go perfect with a full body red wine. As the full body would compliment the heavy piece of meat that the lamb is. We need a bold red wine that has smooth tannins to enhance the flavors of the lamb. A oak aged wine would also compliment the grilled lamb because the smokiness in the grilled lamb goes very well with the hints of vanilla in oak aged wines. A full bodied wine would also help tone down the rich, intense flavors of the ratatouille.The tannins would also mellow down because of the fat content of the lamb and bring balance to the meal as a whole.We might consider a balanced red wine to not over power the fresh vegetables in the ratatouille.

Our waiter should know that our wine is made of grape varietals grown in slight cool coastal region which gives the wine higher alcohol content however it will be not over top in terms of tannin and body. Our wine will be a great compliment for meat. Further more we will try to get a wine with a hint of spices and ripe berries

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  1. Yes, the wines you worked with are definitely cool climate.

  2. Yes, the wines you worked with are definitely cool climate.

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