Self Evaluate

For my self evaluation at AYSHA INC. I was just being myself. The creative, ambitious, and hardworking girl I would like to see myself as. It was my first job in this field ever, I was shy in the beginning and did not really know how things go in the company and it took me few days to get used to the job and everything that goes around in the studio. When I started feeling that I am part of the company, I stopped being shy and I always asked if there was anything I could help with.

I definitely gave a good impression about myself and about what kind of worker I am, through all the work that I have done, paying attention to details and getting projects done from different design areas that I never worked on before to getting everything done on time. It showed that I am a good learner and I am not afraid of trying different things and open to any opportunity I can get myself into. One day, I even redesigned the company’s business card just because I thought It needed update even though I was not asked to do so; but the supervisor loved it and I think she was happy to see me working and trying to keep the company’s design in the best shape.

The whole internship was a very great and exciting experience. I gained a lot and learned a lot from the fashion, business and design world. I think I did a very well job. My supervisor was very happy about all the work that I did. Never got any bad complaint. I think I even did a better job than the graphic designer that works for her because I have a really good eye with everything that has to do with design, even if it has nothing to do with my field. Fashion is one of my interests, and that is why I really enjoyed working for AYSHA’s company.

Role Model

I consider Aysha the fashion designer and the CEO of the company AYSHA INC as a role model to me. I did not only learn new things in the graphic design field or the fashion industry. I also learned a lot from her personality and how to be a successful women in this world. I learned to never give up on any dream, big or small.

I always considered myself as a person that doesn’t give up easily on my dreams, but being part of Aysha’s team, that whole concept of running after your dream had crystallized in front of me with its clear image. There was always something to learn even when you think you’d mastered a certain task. Dreams do come truly and now I firmly believed in that after listening to her story and how she made it where she is today in the  fashion industry.

She always had a passion for fashion. She always wanted to do something about it in her childhood, but instead she went to school and studied finance. After working for 10 years in different financial service institutions in NYC,  she decided that this is not where she belongs and went after her dream. She went to Europe, the cradle of fashion, one can say. She created a design/production consulting business, for various European luxury companies such as Dior and Dolce and Gabbana. She decided to give up what she had to pursue her dream and to make her Monday her favorite day of the week.

She surely lives her dream now and keeps working hard on becoming more success in what she does. I learned to follow my dream no matter what the circumstances are and that it is never too late to pursue a dream and achieve your goal. As long as you keep working hard and put in your power into what you love to be doing, you will definitely become it.

Event Day

On September 13th, Lazard investments asked AYSHA to be part of their ultra chic event and having a 360 fashion presentation for their firm showcasing of how style can impact a woman’s career. The event took place on the 64th floor that had a breathtaking view, I was so impressed with all the event details.

I had the honor to attend the event and sit in the first row as Aysha was presenting. It was such a great experience being in that kind of event where you get to meet a lot of women and learn a lot from them as professionals.

I helped organizing the event, adding final touches to the presentation. I also helped documenting the event for her Aysha’s timeline of events. Attending an event of such exposed me to the power of confidence and willingness to succeed. It’s one of those days I would always be grateful for.


Experience Gained.2

On August 18th, 2017 AYSHA inc, was holding a marketing event, in which the CEO was delivering a speech about empowering women in general, and she also wanted to introduce her brand under the same umbrella of “empowering women”.

I had worked on the event deck, which was a PowerPoint presentation. The contents were briefly outlined to be my the CEO herself and she assigned me to design the presentation in collaboration with her graphic designer. The designer shared the outline and few media sources to include in the presentation, and I started working on the project with a very short deadline. I picked the theme of the presentation to match the brand logo and colors. I made sure the colors stand out in the entirety of the slides.

After few additions and eliminations, the project looked well held together with one theme. When it was time for the presentation, Aysha was able to deliver a very balanced message, the speech and the PowerPoint played very well together, it wasn’t lengthy, nor it was brief, but most importantly it was exciting. She, as well as I was, very pleased with the outcome.

In this assignment I learned that PowerPoint presentation should not be underestimated or under treated. It is, after all, what sells the brand, and it is very important for this type of marketing to appeal to the audience with interest and excitement.

Experience Gained.1

I have learned a lot during the internship at AYSHA INC. I have gained more skills using adobe Photoshop than I previously had. During the internship I had to edit photos of model’s faces and bodies, which I have never done before.

I have had editing assignments in school before but working in the real world, was a very different experience than school. The intensity and pressure of the project becomes higher, and the sense of responsibility to make the best work possible, adds to the pressure as well as the value of the experience being learned.

I had to edit the lighting, remove unwanted objects, and change the color of the photo contents; For example, we used a ladder for one of the photoshoot sessions. It was an old ladder that didn’t fit in terms of color to the theme of the content. I had to change the color and remove the vintage look to match the modern theme. I found the task a bit difficult for my level, but I was able to do an appropriate research and accomplish the objective successfully. In the end, it was a very enjoyable task being able to tackle one of my weaknesses and prove to myself that I am able to self advance.


Favorite Project

One of the most exciting project I have worked on during this internship was designing T-shirts for a charity, the CEO is working on as a side project. The charity is going towards a foundation, aims to building a design school abroad, equivalent to the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. The goal is to provide education to children in Pakistan, Aysha’s home country. The school will teach basic skills such as English, math, science, as well as, computer efficiency, and graphic design.

The campaign was to design t-shirts inspired by kids’ drawings. It was rewarding seeing kids drawings become a powerful tool to spread a message. The idea of the design was to have few kids draw something from their imagination, and write a thought underneath that inspired the drawing.

One of the sketches we got was NYC skyline. It was done by an 8 year old child that wrote “My Favorite City.” Another one was sketched by a little girl who drew a butterfly and wrote “Fly Like a Butterfly.” A very interesting one was a smiley face and it simply says “Happy”. I was able to upload the original drawings and trace over the digital copy using illustrator. We wanted to preserve the originality of it and youthful handwriting and not too perfect outlines. We kept the drawings the same way with the sloppy handwriting and the not too perfect outlines. With that process, I thought it gave the design its authenticity, and it created a sense of sympathy to the donors, feeling for the less fortunate kids out there chasing their dreams with very minimum chance of making them a reality.

Photoshoot Day

On Friday August 25th, we had a photoshoot in our studio featuring a capsule collection for the fall season. I had to be in the studio at 8:00 am helping setting up the stage for the photoshoot, i.e lighting, decoration, background, location, positioning..etc

I also helped dressing the models with accessories to match their outfits. We worked on four different photoshoot sessions with different outfits, different colors and theme. I was assigned to retouch the photos that is why I had to be there to watch what kind of theme we are trying to show in the photoshoot and apply to my work when I start retouching.

It was a great opportunity, filled with both excitement and learning. I got to see how all those fashion posters and images happen. I was able to see the whole process of making an advertisement poster from beginning to end.

It truly is a mesmerizing experience to witness when final results come out after putting all the hard work into it. In this project I had to collaborate with the company’s graphic designer on editing the photos. I was working on the lighting, background and foreground touches, while he was able to assist me in removing unwanted objects. We had to work on some photos to have them ready-to-print in large sizes for presentation purposes and future events. Due to our work schedule differences, Roberto and I had to exchange files via email in order to work together. The project ended up looking great and the CEO was very pleased and satisfied with the work.

These are some photos during the photoshoot. Getting things ready and a one group shot of whoever worked on the photoshoot that day.


AYSHA INC is a small private company therefore our studio is a one open place. I have my own work area that has a small desk where I can place my laptop and work on my own. There’s the CEO’s office and another two offices for the assistance and the PR person. We have our tailor who has her own space as well, with her fabrics and all the things she needs to be making AYSHA’s products.

Our products are all handmade that is why we make the fit customized to the client by making clients come to our studio to shop and get fitted.

It is a very comforting work area, it gives you the feeling of being in one team putting all the hard work together to make the brand stands out more. Everyone contributes to one another. We show our work and give comments and ideas to each other as one family.

The overall culture of the work space is casual formal and since it is a fashion design company, I do my best to show my fashion skills in my outfits and fit within the work attire.

My typical work day would start at noon, where I walk in and have few assignments waiting for me. On occasions, I would be emailed few heads-up on my next upcoming week, event, or changes to the day. Lunch time is usually half an hour. Ideally, the office closes at 6 in the evening, but that hasn’t always been the case, as more often occasions, we had to stay few extra hours.


I work directly with Aysha Saeed the CEO and founder of AYSHA INC. the fashion design company in NYC. I found this opportunity via After researching the company and educating myself, with a little feeling of intimidation, I had applied for an intern position. To my pleasant surprise, I heard a response back within the same week. The graphic designer of the company, Roberto, contacted me for a time and day suitable for an interview with Aysha herself.

Building up to the interview date, I felt very nervous about it, but Aysha was a very pleasant and easy going person that eased me through it. I showed her my portfolio that she admired and found me a good fit for the position.

I believe I learned about her a lot more than I thought I would during the interview. I was absolutely taken by her personality, ambition, and humble all at once. She asked me about the software I use. What I’m comfortable with, and what I’m not? She asked me if I was willing to do/assist in other assignments slightly outside my area, like video and photo editing? Luckily I took classes in video editing and photography as well, so my answer was an easy yes. Regardless, I was still willing to learn her ways from scratch.

My role as a start was graphic designer, I worked with Aysha directly along with Roberto the graphic designer. What I learned from the interview is not to judge a book by its cover, not to be nervous, and simply just be yourself. If you have the passion, it will show.

The Company

Hello all,

I have been working at AYSHA, Inc. since August 1st, 2017. AYSHA is a NYC based lifestyle fashion brand. The company’s main mission is to dress America’s current and future leaders. AYSHA empowers women to take on the world through its confident, sexy, and elegant products with a hint of edge. Each product is designed to be accessible, multi-functional, and with year-round sensibility. 

AYSHA’s fashion style fits both day and evening occasions and a multi-functional pieces. Our fabrics are imported from Italy. We also do every piece in our studio by hand which makes the fit customized to the clients. Our clients are professional women with ages of 25 and over.

AYSHA Inc. is a private company located on 109 W 38th St #301. It is in the heart of the fashion district which makes it very convenient being a walking distance from most tools needed for the company. It is also close to my favorite park (Bryant Park). AYSHA brand was founded in 2010.  It is a very friendly atmosphere studio located on the 3rd floor. The Size of the company is 10+ employees.

I am currently working in the design department. I’m being assigned to work alone on different projects such as invitations, photo editing, designing T-shirts, event decks, charts etc.. in addition to other projects along with the company’s graphic designer.