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From the Mouth of Babes and other Audio Basics

Below are two youtubeĀ linksĀ we will be watching in class today.The first is a Louis Armstrong Recording of the French Song La Vie En Rose (English Translation: Life in Rosy Hues or through Rose-colored glasses). If you have not heard song before, it is a very well known song throughout France by well-known singer Edith Pilar. It was firstĀ released as a single in 1947. A 1997 version was released by Grace Jones and was an international hit and has been covered since as well.


The second link is the same song as it was featured in the Disney/Pixar movie, “Wall-E”.


The thirdĀ link is of a commercial made by TBWA ParisĀ for a Supermarket chain in France, U Supermarkets. The target audience for this ad is the French consumer.


After lookingĀ at these together Iā€™d like you to write a short paragraph about whether you thought the sound was effectively done in the commercial. Could you hear the similarities between the music in the Armstrong audio and that of theĀ commercial?Ā Give meĀ at least 3 reasonsĀ why you felt it was effective or not effective. Write this paragraph as a post on your ePortfolio.

Now that weā€™ve focused a little bit on how sound can possibly dominate or lead a visual piece, letā€™s go into the science of sound. Below is a lecture on sound for you to download to your computer and view together with me.


Sound Cannon