Networking Event at The One Club

As a member of The One Club, I attended the Gold on Gold event in their Hudson Yards office. This event in particular is held annually as a way to hear from the winner of both the Gold Pencil and the Gold Cube award. But also, between checking in and the anticipated panel, they had an open bar, a food table, a big couch,  and rounded tables for everyone to converse and get to know each other. And a major benefit about being a part of The One Club is being able to be surrounded by like-minded people as an exclusive organization that supports creatives.

I arrived early and was one of the first there but the room was soon packed that I had trouble hearing my own self talk. I did get to speak to two people during my time there while also connecting with them on Linkedin.

I first met a recent graduate from Cornell who has an interest in UI/UX. While this was my first One Club participation, she also shared with me her experience with being a member. For instance, she attended a few other events such as one that taught her about making a salary and another on being a female in a creative field. Hearing this gave me the urge to be more involved and keep my eyes peeled on upcoming events.

I also met someone who is currently studying advertising at FIT, which is almost right next door. Like me, this was also her first event with the organization. We both shared our favorite things about the industry and the process of designing and she told me that she’s currently been focusing on a project with MLB. Not to mention that we also talked about the food served there. I passed on eating anything but I did hear from others that they were impressive.