App Reviews


At my internship, we regularly use Slack to easily communicate with each other. After having used it for a while, I would praise this application to be great for productivity.Image result for slackFor one, this application helps reduce the level of noise in the office as we have an open workspace. With its group and direct messaging feature, there’s no need to leave your seat to speak to someone. The culture of the company can be quite fast-paced where many of the employees are in and out of meetings or in and out of their desk area so you would have to spend time to look for them half the time. But as both a desktop and mobile application, everyone keeps their line of communication open and will respond quickly at almost any given point in time.

Slack also helps with organization. There are always multiple projects being worked on at once and all of them are separated by channels. Within each channel, only those involved in a certain project has access to it. In this way, everyone in the office would not be receiving a notification for every message sent across the company-wide platform. This system is also beneficial in keeping all messages and files related to one project in one place.



MATTE also relies on Wipster which, like Slack, is a collaboration platform. However, this site and app is specific to video sharing.

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All drafts and final exports live on Wipster. When a video is uploaded, it allows an employee to review it and comment on a certain timestamp. It also is where clients are able to watch the video using a shareable link we send them and download the video at different resolutions.
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Similar to Slack, Wipster also helps with organization where each project is separated by folders and sub-folders. For instance, each client has their own folder and within that includes their corresponding drafts, finals, and b-roll.
However, one downside to using this platform is its performance itself. Although not often, it can sometimes take a long time to load a certain page or take a while to buffer and play a video.