Proposal and Documentation


Illustration by Nelsy Alonso. Avoid. 14 May, 2015.

Illustration by Nelsy Alonso. Avoid. 14 May, 2015.

More than two-thirds (68.8 percent) of adults are considered to be overweight or obese in 2009-2010, according to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases. Eating healthy, being healthy, and staying healthy is very important for your sanity. It is critical that a person takes care of themselves in order to accomplish things. In this informational resource we have different tabs that will teach you a bit about being a healthy person. As a group we individually did research on a certain aspect of the topic that was drawn randomly (that we’ve picked to talk about): exercise, healthy food & recipe, things to avoid, effects & benefits, BMI, and work cited. We looked at some scholarly journals, websites, and statistical websites, blogs, and cook books in order to find everything we need.

Being healthy has its effects and benefits – which are all positive! Some effects and benefits are that you become a stronger person both internally and externally. You can live a better and longer life if you watch out for your health. Next, we found sources that spoke about things people should avoid if they want to be a healthy person. Overall, people should avoid eating lots of sugary and salty things (it can make you diabetic or have hypertension if you do eat a lot of either). One should also avoid eating fried food because it has a lot of grease in it which causes for the body to gain unhealthy weight. Not to forget, a person should not sleep after eating because it would avoid the body from digesting the food properly causing the food to be stored as fat cells. Exercise was one of our more general topic. Doing exercise not only helps the body lose the fat and get stronger, but it helps the respiratory system and has a long-run effect on your health. Following, we spoke about healthy food and recipes that one should consume. According to the food pyramid (food plate) a person’s plate should be filled with one-fourth whole grains, one-fourth healthy proteins,  one-third fruits, and two-thirds vegetables (don’t forget to drink water).  Lastly, we have a BMI tab which means body mass index in which a person can calculate their weight and height to see if they are underweight, overweight, or average (which is healthy).

We concluded a blogging space in the “BMI” tab, so people can calculate their body mass index. We hope people get inspired by writing their body mass index in that space and check if they need to work on becoming healthy. In the example, we actually calculated a member of the group’s BMI and we can conclude that the person is underweight, which shows that people might look healthy, but they can’t just assume by an image, they need to actually check and see if they need to work on something. By people posting on the blogging space they can see that everyone is different and nobody is perfect.

The research that we’ve made has informed our proposal by helping us learn more about how to become a healthy person. An important thing to notice is that it does not cost money to become fit. With this informational resource we hope that many can interpret our material, so they can try and become a healthier person. Also, to go out and be active and help others fight the grease and have their body at peace. The research also informed our proposal by being able to inform people (and remind us) about what we should be awared of (food wise), and what we should do to be in a healthy state.

The information tool is a resource where one can get inspiration on how to better their health. We generally wrote this for anyone, as everyone should strive for a better, longer, and healthier life. The problems this research should solve is overweight, underweight, and obesity. With the BMI one can calculate and see if they should work on eating food that can help them gain weight, or eat less food to reach a healthier weight. There are similar blogs like this, except that they only specify on one thing about becoming healthy. With this research you can see your BMI, what to avoid, how to exercise and etc. – it has bits of everything a person should know to become healthy.



In the last decade, Americans have been facing health diseases such as obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Fast and junk food have become a daily meal for us, the college students. Due to college “stress” this has become a problem for us because we lack healthy food intake along with the exercise to help us be in shape. Considering college students’ small time gaps in their busy daily schedule, students do not have time to consume healthy meals. Our group focuses on this topic to demonstrate students that food, exercise and health goes hand in hand together.

During the first procedure, we had to define our main goal for the topic chosen by the group. We then found four main points that related to our topic that could be narrowed down to research individually. For effects and benefits: Alexis went to the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) gym in his neighborhood to speak to a nutritionist. This person referred him to two websites that he used to gain accurate knowledge on being healthy. One website was Men’s Health where their main focus is on men’s exercises and the other website was Sfgate where they had a widely range of topics analyzing both men and women’s health. While for things to avoid, Nelsy used the library database to look up health information dated from 2002 through 2015 and also searched a fitness blog she goes on often. For the main point on exercises, Yuly came across a broad range of information during her research. She used Google engine to search for websites in reference to the benefits of exercises as well as YouTube for videos suggesting exercises. Lastly for healthy foods and recipes: Irene searched her topic online and in the college library for healthy recipes. She managed to find healthy recipes in cookbooks that focused on healthy ingredients and meals where calories are important in a daily meal.

For our presentation, we used the program: Windows Power-point to set up a slide show where we can visually display our topic using images and charts. We started off with introducing the title of our topic with the quote: “Eat Healthy, Be Healthy, and Stay Healthy.”  We decided to create an order where Nelsy, Yuly, Alexis and Irene could present the topic broken down into four main points. This order helped transition our presentation into sections for each group member instead of cutting off the previous idea so abruptly. For Nelsy, her section discusses things to avoid in order to be healthy like certain foods. For Yuly, her section elaborates on exercises that help maintain a “healthy lifestyle.” Her slides show different types of exercises for most of the body such as arms and legs. She focuses on the three main exercises which are: aerobic, strength and flexibility. For Alexis, his topic is about the effects and benefits of eating and staying healthy instead of eating junk food. He indicates that eating healthy helps give us a balanced nutrition and proper growth to our body. Lastly in her slides, Irene suggests healthy recipes and healthy foods a person can eat to be considered healthy.

Image searching for our topic was simple to find but a lot to choose from. As a group we decided to focus on defining our keywords. Of course, we used Google Image Search: where the keywords automatically would link to our source. Even though we chose pictures related to our topic, some of the results were not helpful at all because it did not have a link to the main source. Once we defined our topic, we had to come up with an explanation for the first illustration chosen in order to show the audience why we chose our topic. A well-known phrase states that one image is worth more than a thousand words which is how we started to define our key words to find the cover picture. We used Google images to search for a refreshing, eye catching picture for our front cover website. Evolution has been a constant ongoing process that human kind has had to endure throughout the years but this evolution has been affected due to bad eating habits. Thus, we used the evolution of human kind before and after eating junk food to show our main points of actually eating healthy foods and exercising.

Although it is healthful to have a daily routine that allows us to eat healthy and exercise, having the motivation is just as important to be in good physical shape. People start with determination and goals but after a couple weeks or months, people tend to lose their motivation which eventually leads back to being unhealthy and unfit. So we always need to have the drive and motivation to work on being healthy! People also need to keep in mind that eating healthy recipes will not help lose the unhealthy fat and calories. The nutrition you gain from eating healthy food will not be used as energy alone so exercise is always required. Considering that the human stomach has limits, consuming large amounts of healthy food is not suggested. You have to eat healthy fruits, vegetables and meals that do not require a lot of eating but feel filling at the same time. We would recommend not eating 100 percent but consuming to about 60 to 70 percent of healthy meals. Lastly, when beginning a health routine where you want to lose weight or be physically fit, do not expect results to show immediately. It takes time for your body to produce physical results. Other than that, choosing to eat healthy, be healthy and stay healthy is the smart choice one can make for their body and lifestyle.