In tonights class we discussed our final projects, we worked on relinking offline media, we looked at slow motion, freeze frame, flipping video, and discussed story structure. We looked at audio to convert MONO to Stereo and lastly looked at adjusting exposure and color using an adjustment layer. There were some really fun conversations.

We reviewed some new terms and definitions. We only have four classes left in the semester, which is crazy.

We covered outstanding assignments and missing work.

We will be holding two catch up days 11/22/2021 and 11/23/2021 from 9am-2pm in the Pearl First Floor room P121.

Next week, 11/24/2021 will be a catch up/make up night for anyone behind on their work as well.

I attached a bunch of videos below based on the items we discussed in class.

Lecture 11/17/2021
Relinking Video
Adding Audio To Your Timeline
Flip Video