Michael V Cannetti| HE87 16050 | Fall 2021

HAUNTED HALL-O-WEEN Editing Assignment

In this assignment you are to work with the Multi-Camera Editing Tool in Adobe Premiere and cut up the conversation between Maggie and Philippe. Then you are to take the footage and to the best of your ability work with opacity, speed and duration and layering video to create a chase scene.

The footage is stored in the One Drive Folder. Use any of the sound effects you find or want to try. Add in some kind of chase music. I will create a demo and add it to this assignment post.

Once finished, upload the video to your YouTube or Vimeo Account and copy the link to comments section below.

The assignment is due 11/10/2021. We will work on it in-person during class if you need extra help.

The last day you can turn in this assignment for it to be accepted for a grade is, 12/1/2021.


  1. Jorge Buenabad

    Hello, this is the Vimeo link of my assignment

  2. shabaj hussain


  3. Yayoi

    Here is my link, thank you

  4. Kyle Nam

    Here is the Youtube link to my assignment: https://youtu.be/EFiB66yrySU

  5. Nathalie Quito

    Halloween edit!

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