Michael Cannetti | OL15 11310 | Summer 2021

Rough Cut for Final Project

We have reached the final days of class.

This week you began editing your final projects. You have filmed all the footage. You can named the clips. You might not have picked out the music or graphics, but you are well on your way.

Please post a rough cut of your movie to the class One Drive, your Vimeo, or YouTube Account.

Put the link to the project in the comments section below.

I will watch the rough cut and provide you feedback for where you are so far and how to help improve the project.

It is due by Sunday 7/11/2021 by 11:59pm EST.


  1. Yiqiang Wang

    My Rough Cut for Final Project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pYVb45cRIsk&t=2s

  2. Alvaro Panozo


    Rough Cut

    • Ecquase Onaghise

      lmaoooo it was funny . I was genuinely laughing. awesome job

  3. Faye Wang

    Here’s my Rough Cut.

    -Xiaofei Wang

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