Group # 2: Luca , Devonte, Ivana, Jean

Masaaki Suzuki leads juilliard415 and Yale schola cantorum

Sunday October 18, 2015 at 7;30pm

Location: Peter Jay sharp Theater

Conductor: Masaaki Suzuki

BACH Sinfonia from BWV 42

BACH Mass in A Major, BWV 234

BACH Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 in G Major, BWV 1048

BACH Mass in G Minor, BWV 235

6 thoughts on “Group # 2: Luca , Devonte, Ivana, Jean

  1. Luca Post author

    Our group will be attending a concert in which famous conductor Maasaki Suzuki will be leading Juilliard415 and Yale Schola Cantorum. Mr. Suzuki is a leading authority on the works of Bach and he will be conducting various famous pieces. From this concert I expect an energetic and yet gentle polyphonic style which is what made J S Bach one of the greatest classical composer of all times.

  2. Jean Poyo

    Jean Poyo September 24, 2015 at 2:55 pm

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    The concert that my group is going to is on two music schools coming in collaboration to play some of Bach’s work. Before taking this class, I wouldn’t voluntarily listen to these pieces. The thing that is crazy is that some of their works are probably used in the music I listen to without knowing it. I am looking forward to go to the concert and listen to these works. I like music and what I know realize is that musicians dont only listen to their genre and that’s how they get part of their inspiration. I want to get a glimpse inside of the minds of musicians.

    J.S. Bach – Mass in g-minor, BWV 235

  3. Vonte

    As a young individual, i can truly say that coming into this class, and slowly learning about european styles in history have really opened my eyes. As my group and I venture on to our concert on October 18th, i will definitely be using the techniques that i have learned in class to breakdown the songs that are played. I have listened to a few Bach pieces and have learned that what he has played have never been completely redone, in the way he created it. i expect at this concert to hear a great rendition of a few of Bach’s pieces, and will look to hear certain dynamics that Bach also did in his original pieces, but also hear their musical ability to interpret Bach’s work.

    Toccata and Fugue in D Minor


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