Group 1: Xijin Zhao, Byron Guillen, Fanzhong Zeng

I’m going to concert “Masaaki Suzuki leads Juilliard415 and Yale Schola Cantorum” with my group on Oct 18, 2015, Sunday at 7:30pm.

The website:


Masaaki Suzuki, conductor
Yale Schola Cantorum
Robert Mealy, concertmaster

BACH Sinfonia from BWV 42
BACH Mass in A Major, BWV 234
BACH Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 in G Major, BWV 1048
BACH Mass in G Minor, BWV 235

Julliard415 has toured extensively overseas with Yale University’s Institute of Sacred Music under the direction of Masaaki Suzuki. I can’t be more than excited about this up-coming music event! I believe it’s going to be a great experience for me!




6 thoughts on “Group 1: Xijin Zhao, Byron Guillen, Fanzhong Zeng

  1. Byron

    Again im Looking forward to this Concert. I Have some high expectations when it come to known names in the music industry. I’m expecting relaxing music as well some excellent violin play. I believe this conductor will be good and the place we are going looks nice on paper. i have my expectations on the dome. not only that i will look to have a good time with the Group. hopefully my expectation wont be let down

  2. xijinzhao Post author

    I’m going to explore Bach’s masterpieces on Oct 18 under the renowned conductor Masaaki Suzuki. I’m so excited about that ! One of his masterpieces i’m going to hear named” Back Sinfonia from BWV 42″as we all know, Bach was a formidable intellectual and technical composer, but his music is also uplifting and spiritual, melodic, and rhythmically irresistible. I can picture the image of him playing the piano will really connect the emotion of hope and life. I look forward to this concert with my whole heart!

  3. Karki Anita

    I am attending the concert
    “Beethoven Encounters: Opus 18 String Quarters Part 1″
    on October 3, 2015 at 14:30
    at Lincoln Center
    10 Lincoln Center Plaza, New York, NY

    I am looking forward to hearing Beethoven Quarters (Opus 18: nos 6, 3 and 2). After doing some research about creation of these masterpieces, I learn that Beethoven had to work very hard on composing it, since a hundred other works were already projected by Mozart and Haydn prior to that. Beethoven introduces his own of structural complication. The first, the use of small motives that bind material together. The second, a very great expansion of the materials even by comparison with Haydn’s last quarter. And the third, a new importance given to the coda which will take on monumental proportions in his maturity.

  4. FanZhong

    I am looking forward in going to this concert. This is the first classic music concert that i will go to. I normally don’t listen to much classic music so interesting to hear some music that i never heard before. I’m expecting the Bach compose would be relaxing and enjoyable. Looking forward to having a great time with my group.


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