Assignment Description

Due dates as follows:

Group concert info (post) and individual reply post due by September 24

Presentation dates to be assigned by group, starting October 1

All essays due by December 10. Make sure your concert falls least 1 week before this date (December 3)!

This site is here for you to share and compile information about the various concerts you will be attending this semester. The class will be broken into small groups of 3-4 that will attend a concert together at some point during the semester. While you will be working with groups, all students must individually complete the blog portion of this assignment. Your post must contain the following information:

  • Basic information: As a group, one person posts the address, admission $, web url, and a short description of the concert hall where you will be going (i.e. is it a school? “black box” theater? symphony hall? etc.)
  • Media:┬áAs an indiviual post at least one link about the concert. Can be about the performer (sound or video file okay), a preview article, social media post, or something about the piece(s) that will be performed.┬áCannot be simply the “event page”.
  • Blog post:┬áAs an individual 1 paragraph “preview” of the concert based on your research so far. What do you expect to hear? Feel free to share your feelings about going to a classical music concert and what you hope to gain from the experience.

As a group, you will be given time in class to prepare oral presentations based on this initial research. If the concert date falls before your presentation date, you may still confine your presentation to the initial research and save the “concert review” for your final paper. Some other thoughts on group work:

  • Think visually: Use Powerpoint, devise graphics, include photos
  • Think sonically: Play examples of artists to your classmates, sell them on an idea for a possible concert to attend
  • Think critically: Respect differences in musical taste and opinions. Share information freely, and allow music presented by others to challenge your tastes and expectations, just as you might enter into conversation with someone with different political, religious, or any other view from you.

Some more thoughts about the content you post:

  • Website must concern solely the artist (i.e. not record label or a group of artists)
  • Media link must have good to professional sound quality (i.e. no grainy cell phone footage)
  • Media link should be publically available and legally obtained. Use only streaming services that allow free access┬á(e.g. YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, etc.) so others can easily

One thought on “Assignment Description

  1. Jean Poyo

    The concert that my group is going to is on two music schools coming in collaboration to play some of Bach’s work. Before taking this class, I wouldn’t voluntarily listen to these pieces. The thing that is crazy is that some of their works are probably used in the music I listen to without knowing it. I am looking forward to go to the concert and listen to these works. I like music and what I know realize is that musicians dont only listen to their genre and that’s how they get part of their inspiration. I want to get a glimpse inside of the minds of musicians.

    J.S. Bach – Mass in g-minor, BWV 235


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