There are four projects, each of which counts for 16% of your grade. The projects correspond to each of the four modules, and will be listed below in reverse chronological order. 

Project 03 (Unit 04, Physical Computing)
Imagine that the City of New York launched an open call for physically interactive design solutions that address one of today’s most pressing needs. Your team’s mission is to create a concept design/proposal plus a lo-fi physical/digital prototype and present it, as if you could be awarded the grant funding to create your hi-fi prototype. Your design solution can be an experiential game, game controller, IoT product, wearable, art object, installation, or something akin to one of the examples you read about in Assignment 8, but it must fit the description of physical computing that we reviewed in class:

  1. Sensing and controlling the physical world through hardware and software.
  2. Connecting your digital world, and the capabilities of computing, with your analogue physical reality, through interactive systems.

Your team’s proposal must mix hardware and software, physical elements with code, and integrate a human-centered interactive system. Your team’s lo-fi prototype (made by one member with materials at home) can be a metaphor, and your p5.js sketch must show at least two sensors and two actuators “activated” via mouse or keys.

Project 03 – Physical Computing Concept Outline
Project 03 – Responsibilities and Collaboration
Project 03 – Job Descriptions

Project 02 (Unit 03, Media Computation)

In-person code review due 3/29, to be performed in class or via alternative assignment.

Final code submission due on OpenProcessing by 04/05 @11:59PM.

Project 01 (Unit 02, Game Design & Interactive Media)

Team-based game concept & design development project.

The schedule can be downloaded here.

The Game Concept Outline can be downloaded here.

The Presentation guidelines / outline can be downloaded here.