Description, Goals, Outcomes, Materials

Course Description

This course is an introduction to emerging, interactive multi-media technology with a focus on interdisciplinary, project-based, cooperative learning.

Students will be immersed in the protocols and processes of emerging and interactive media design, including: idea development, research, documentation, presentation, prototyping, and production, which will serve them in the face of rapid changes in technology.

Students will explore basic theoretical and applied concepts of audio, visual, haptic, immersive, sensory and interaction design through creative group projects, visiting professionals, and online documentation of their work.

Course Goals

To give students an introduction to:

  • the field of applied emerging, interactive media technologies
  • collaboration between people with different skills and backgrounds
  • diverse design & development processes across various technology platforms and media touchpoints

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course students will be able to:

  • learn correct terminology for technical and design aspects of the field
  • incorporate a design process into their projects
  • explore different methods of interdisciplinary collaboration in order to function as part of a team
  • understand and employ different modalities of design and production and integrate those modalities into an interactive experience
  • clearly communicate ideas using contemporary methods and critique work of their peers
  • discuss the evolving technologies and innovative approaches used by professionals working across the fields of commercial, artistic & social change

Course Materials

You’ll bring…

  • External portable and/or online drives to back up files
  • Sketch Book

          We’ll familiarize you with…

  • OpenLab
  • Slack (with Zoom)

We’ll provide you with access to…

  • OpenProcessing (for the Media Computation module)
  • Max8 (for the Music Technology module)
  • Readings (will be supplied for you as downloadable PDFs or links)