The reading by Juana Summers showed how Pop Chart Lab took sentences from famous novels and diagrammed them. Pop Chart Lab is a design firm that used a long forgotten method to help better understand sentences. She explains to us about the controversy surrounding diagramming sentences. She begins to explain how it was used in schools long ago. She states that using the diagram makes it easier for kids to understand  to write and use correct English. From “An Education ‘Phenomenon’, Burns Florey and other experts traced the origin of diagramming sentences back to 1877. Their findings show that diagramming sentences came from two professors who worked at Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute. Burns begins to explain how when it was first introduced it swept across Brooklyn rapidly, but as the years went by it started receiving harsh criticism. they started questioning if it should even be placed in English classes today. Burns says ”that there are two kinds of people in this world, the ones who love diagramming and those who hate it”. Burns also commented about how it never clicks to some students.

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