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Assignment 5

Washington Square park being an ancient burial ground for low income families seems like a fact that should be more known to the citizens of the city of New York. The simple idea of knowing that the park used to be a cemetery, gives the area an entire different type of feeling; I can imagine the city as previously small village huts that had one collective graveyard that every family who lived there, who knew each person living there, was married. Or maybe it was just the annex where the poorer families ended up.   Either way, what stood out to me is that in the Greenwich area, churches are as abundant as Starbucks. The architecture and the church type ranges in a wide variety, from Greek revival to Gothic.  The surrounding buildings are residential, most of which give hints to land owners congregating the land and developing it to quickly sell it off at high prices. As the shift of the class moves into Soho, we began to see much more commercial spaces, regular and famous, and obviously the center of luxury shopping. It is no surprise that this was known as the street of entertainment in this area, as you see many people congregating to shop and to spend leisure time in SOHO. As of today, the streets are packed with stores, and ornate facades are decorating the street-side of the buildings.


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