As a former student who has nearly reached the end of this class. I can say this is one of those classes that offered a different experience to the student. It really embraced the resources to its best capacity. In this case the resource is the city being students of New York City. It’s an architectural advantage to be able to observe, and to comprehend structures that have been built in this city throughout different periods in time. It’s a unique experience being able to enter most of these buildings and rather than reading about them, rather than seeing a picture through the internet and rather than just seeing an elevational image of a structure; we are able to understand circulation and understand performance areas and the interpretation each architect or designer had for the space. One of the most important traits of this class I would say is the comprehension of being able to comprehend how a structure could fit in with its surrounding and how it could embrace its surrounding. Also, we did not only learn about structures but about street landscape and formation. I learned about what can be criticized as bad architecture despite it’s pleasing aesthetics.

So, should more students be able to get this opportunity? I say, “definitely!”. Being in the city with arguably the best skyline in the world is something to embrace, knowledge to pass on and responsibility of being a New York City architecture student. At the end of the day if your able to understand the drives and live up to the expectations of this city, you can make it anywhere else. Observing the mechanisms of how professors direct their classes to achieve success. This class definitely expressed passion,  and sacrifice but most importantly taught me the value “that whatever good things we build end up building us.”