I like this class it is very benefit official to me because we went on trips weekly learning about the different types architectural building in New York City.

I greatly benefited from studying architecture outside of the classroom. The weekly class trip taught me about the different types architectural building in New York City. I believe more students should get the opportunity for studying building through observing them firsthand. Than in the classroom student are only able see and learn about building looking at 2-dimensional drawing. However, by partaking in the class trips student such as myself can see the buildings in 3 dimensions. I am able see how the different elements interact with the buildings.

The outdoor trips are more engaging than inside a classroom. The architectural structures that we learn about from the textbook become real when see it in person. Studying outside the classroom making me more engaged and motived to learn. I can explore building from different angles and see how the open space interacts with the environment. I was very motivated to attend class every week because I was going to a new location to learn new facts. Through the outdoor classes I was able to enjoy the fresh air and exercise while traveling to places all over NYC. Another benefit is the free places I get to learn from as a student.

Overall I am happy I took this class to learn more about the outdoors of New York City, instead of staying in a classroom.