I will be comparing The Lincoln Center to Battery Park City renewal plan to the City planning. They are very similar because they are both open spaces and the architecture design is open to the public, Battery Park is mainly a green space and Lincoln Center is for the performing arts.

Battery Park City plan is very open with space and it is near the harbor. Battery Park City has 92-acres of land. It is located on the west side of the southern tip of New York City and one-third of development is for parks. For the open space, they are many benches, seating areas, and walkable spaces. Battery Park City has a beautiful waterfront that has an amazing view of many high-rise buildings in New York City as well as the waterfront in New Jersey.

As for Lincoln Center, I believe more people who go there are into artwork, musical plays, and Opera as well as the performing arts. It is also open to the public. When entering Lincoln Center, the first thing you see is a beautiful water fountain in the center of the plaza. Lincoln Center has a unique design and inside of the building is it very decorative. I believe this is for the upper-class people to come and visit, unlike Battery Park City which is more of a casual atmosphere for the public to enjoy on a beautiful day.

Lincoln Center relates to the city by having many local businesses and stores nearby. Battery Park City is made up of more high-rise buildings and is for people coming to the waterfront on a nice day.